Pink Floyd with Frank Zappa 1969

Greetings Floydians.

Making up for my abscence of postings for the last while (business/writer’s block, both at the same time,) here’s a recording of something that I heard a lot about, but didn’t completely believe actually happened until I saw a picture of it (from Phil Taylor’s Black Strat book, which Josh owns.) Pink Floyd performing Interstellar Overdrive in Belgium 1969, with the legendary Frank Zappa guesting on guitar.

At the time, David Gilmour had been a member of Pink Floyd for a year, and was still trying to develop a guitar sound that was distinctly Gilmourish, and not just copying Syd’s style from before his time. With that said, in this recording, that makes helps make it very clear as to whether you’re hearing Gilmour’s playing or Zappa’s distinctly eccentric guitar work. Frank’s using David’s natural brown Fender Telecaster which he had as his spare at the time (it can be seen on the back cover of Ummagumma. It’s the only guitar on that cover that didn’t eventually get stolen.)

Part I

Part II

Part III

BTW, that photo from Phil Taylor’s book is indeed the same one used as the still in these three clips. Many, many thanks to pinkfloydrule27 for making this phenomenal recording available.

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