Fan Feedback – Summer Tour 2016

“Incredible show”

JH – ‘Incredible show in Kelowna last night. You guys put on an amazing performance! Looking forward to next time.’

“You all blew us away”

LD – ‘ The show was unreal!!!I can’t stop hearing it…we had an amazing time….thanks for such devotion and for sharing your gift….WE LOVED IT…..we will spread the word on how super amazing you all blew us away…..’

“Highly recommend”

SF – ‘Saw them last night in Kelowna. Amazing show that covers a wide spectrum of PF era’s. Tight musicianship and vocal talent. Highly recommend if you’re thinking of going…………….’

“Couldn’t believe what we heard!”

CE – ‘Great show. Amy was fantastic. Couldn’t believe what we heard!’

“One of the best shows I’ve seen”

GF – ‘You guys were amazing last night in Cranbrook. One of the best shows I’ve seen. Amy has an amazing voice gave me goosebumps. My parents loved it and they are both in their 80’s. Look forward to the next time we can see you guys. Well done.’

“Nailed it”

DT – ‘Seen this amazing performance last night in Cranbrook. Simply put they “nailed it”. I’ve never heard a live group that is so well put together and talented. I would love to have this experience again some night. Please please please return to Cranbrook.’

“Show was amazing 10/10”

DM – ‘They ROCK!!!! Nelson show was amazing 10/10’

“A most amazing and awesome show!”

MN – ‘Thanks PIGS! That was a most amazing and awesome show! Incredible musicians and unbelievable singing!’

Dale Baglo (Dale Baglo Broadcast Inc.)

Perfectly recreated the sound of Pink Floyd. Every instrumental detail… David Gilmour’s Strat guitar tone… Snowy White’s ’57 Goldtop sound… everything… was just absolutely perfect! It was astonishing


In September of 2015, I had the extreme good fortune of being hired to film a Stevie Wonder performance in Toronto. It was surreal to be so close (about 30 feet away with a 4K camera!) and to see and hear those songs performed by a living legend. A month later, I was backstage preparing to film “Canada’s Most Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute”, PIGS. It was soundcheck time, the band invisible to me behind the side curtain. Suddenly, the first chord of “Breathe” hit. Chills! I’m serious. Chills more intense than anything I had just experienced seeing Mr. Wonder! This band had perfectly recreated the sound of Pink Floyd. Every instrumental detail… David Gilmour’s Strat guitar tone… Snowy White’s ’57 Goldtop sound… everything… was just absolutely perfect! It was astonishing.

 That night I filmed PIGS unbelievable performance… the lights, the lasers… and that unmistakeable Pink Floyd sound…with my 8 high def cameras. PIGS took that wildly cheering audience on a journey they’ll never forget. I certainly haven’t. If you get a chance to see this remarkable band perform… do it!

Don Lehn – Fraser Valley News (August 15, 2016)

A hell of a show!


Chilliwack – If you were not at the HUB Theatre/Chilliwack Cultural Centre for the final 2016 tour stop for PIGS on Tuesday night(August 9) – The Ultimate Canadian Pink Floyd Tribute, you missed a hell of a show!

 This critic is always skeptical when it comes to cover bands. In fact, the only other band that has impressed me over the past five years or so was Led Zepagain. PIGS delivered, and they had the guts to pull off a few old gems for the mostly over 45+ crowd.

 Yes there were the staples: Shine On Your Crazy Diamond (set opener) Money, Time, Comfortably Numb, Run Like Hell (final encore), Wish You Were Here, Have A Cigar. Then they had the musical kahunas to nail Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert/Southhampton Dock and all 23 minutes of Echoes.They delved into Animals with Pigs On The Wing Parts 1&2, Pigs- Three Different Kinds and Dogs. Throw in Fearless from Meddle and the almost vocally impossible The Great Gig In The Sky.

 That stopped the show.

 The guitar interplay was astounding – hitting the Dave Gilmour nuances note for note and the sax playing was a perfect nod to the legendary Dick Parry.”