French Gilmour interview (with translation)

Hello Floydians.

Here’s a revealing David Gilmour interview from the early 1980s (around the time of The Wall movie or The Final Cut).

Seeing as this is a French interview, I asked K.C. to provide an English translation of the interview for our non-French speaking readers. Here it is:

French Interviewer: . . .(T)he contradiction between the life of Pink, who is a rock star, who suffers from the wall between himself and his audience and people in general –

DG: yes

FI: Do you think this corresponds with your lives, since you are rock stars and you’re telling this story, are you a part of this character?

DG: Well, it’s autobiographical from Roger’s perspective. It’s a wall that he feels around him, but I don’t really feel the same wall around me. Of course there are things that. . .my life is a little more difficult, but it’s not so bad. But for him I think it’s very autobiographical. But it’s not just his story, it’s also about people we’ve seen, that he’s seen in his life, but I perceive it in a totally different way from him. But it is a powerful story, and I that’s why I like it very much. We’ve succeeded in working on this together, but it’s his story more than mine.

FI: Pink’s life is pretty scary and nightmarish, and you’ve been playing together now for over ten years, and toured all over the world –

DG: – but I love it (laughs).

FI: After all that time, do you ever feel like you’re going to crack, and you just have to stop, because. . .

DG: – For me, no. My life isn’t a nightmare. My life as a musician, a rockstar, or whatever, but I guess sometimes it’s like that for Roger from time to time, but usually it’s not like that.

FI: Is it hard to live with someone like that, someone so terribly full of anguish?

DG: He doesn’t seem full of anguish to me most of the time. Maybe sometimes a bit but I don’t think he’s normally like that. It’s a story. Some part of the story are about him, but it’s just a story.

(The film cuts a bit here to the groupie scene from The Wall, then returns to the interview, though I think we’ve missed a bit of film.)

DG: Hubba Hubba. What else can I say?

After that, there’s an English interview with David with a German translation dubbed over it, and unfortunately neither K.C. nor myself can help with the German transcript.

Stay tuned later this week for some rehearsal footage of the Wall concerts at Earl’s Court in 1980.